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E-Z Mount Fender Brackets

Review HOW TO USE E-Z MOUNT BRACKET SYSTEM and pre-assemble your brackets. 

Determine the best location for your fenders to be mounted and temporarily block or support the fender into desired position. (we  suggest using a 1 x 4 x 12" strip of wood across the top of tires.)  Using shims where necessary, center the fender on the blocks,  making sure the fender is level with the frame. (NOTE. check to  ensure there is adequate room under the fender for both the front and  the rear brackets.) 

(NOTE. It is important to keep the fender an equal distance from the  frame. Periodically check the distance, front and rear, by measuring  from the outside edge of the fender to the frame.) 

Using a 4" E-Z Mount Bracket under the fender, in the front of the tire, install the assembled bracket into the predetermined hole in the  frame. Tighten the Nyloc nut so the bracket rotates firmly forward,  up or down. It is best to mount the bracket arm in a range of 9" to 13" from the bottom edge of the fender to the center of the bracket arm. Allow the bracket plate to meet the fender evenly. (NOTE: Do  not force the fender down or in to meet the bracket.) 
Adjust bracket plate in or out across the width of the fender so it is  centered (you want all holes in fender to be in line when you are  finished.) Mark and drill the fender holes, removing the fender before  drilling. Reset the fender and install stainless buttonhead bolts, 
through fender and bracket plate tightening only one Nyloc nut for  now. Proceed to the rear of fender and repeat same process. When you have completed mounting the rear bracket, tighten down all  Nyloc nuts front and rear. 

Place the E-Z Mount Center Support Bracket into the predetermined  frame hole. (NOTE: If possible, utilize the fifth-wheel rail hole.) Tighten the 5/8" Nyloc nut into the frame so the bracket rotates  firmly. (NOTE. If you are using a 8" or 10" bracket do not mount bracket at an angle greater than 45 degrees. If you are mounting either bracket at an angle greater than 45 degrees, YOU MUST USE the  next size shorter bracket.) 

Rotate the bracket upward to meet the bottom of the fender and  tighten the 5/8" Nyloc nut into the frame. The fender should rest  evenly and firmly on the bracket plate, if the bracket has pushed the  fender upward, or has pulled away from the bottom of the fender,  loosen the 5/8" nut and readjust the bracket.  (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)

Adjust bracket plate in or out so all the fender bolts are in line and  drill holes into the fender. (NOTE: The fender does not need to be 
removed.) Install buttonhead bolts through fender and bracket plate  and tighten all Nyloc nuts on center support bracket.

Torque 5/8" Nyloc nuts to 150 ft/lbs. 

Replace the air in the suspension. Mounting is complete.

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